Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Binge Watching Blog and Other Topics

Today I am blogging about what I've been binge watching on Netflix and other shows.
Then I will move along to some other topics.

Netflix: I have been adjusting to new medications in diabetic and taking double the blood pressure meds.
So with this in time I've been alternating between Midsomer Murder and Foyle's War. 
I have all of the episodes of both many times. This makes it easy to rest, enjoy the episodes and I can color or crochet while watching Netflix.

Now my library trips have been interesting as the library has many book donations this year.
I think I have more than my fair share of Perri O'Shaughnessy because I love the two sisters who write this series. I'm crazy about legal thrillers which meant this series is of special interest to me.
While at the library I have picked up other books. A new series I love is DEADLY SCANDAL by Kate Parker.
It is set in 1930's London and I admit to being enamored with Olivia Denis the main character.
Jenn McKinlay has my heart with her hat shop series. Many diversions spent reading her series.
Now if all of this feast is not enough I bought two new books this week.
New Books: Ellie Alexander has penned Fudge and Jury (A Bakeshop Mystery) then I added a paperback mystery to one of my all time favorite series. The Body in the Wardrobe by Katherine Hall Page. I have read this series since her early days and love Faith Fairchild.
Now back to what else we have been watching on many different channels. First Hallmark Movies and Mysteries I have been binge watching Perry Mason (see what I mean about me and legal thrillers) plus I have been alternating those with Jesse Stone Mysteries and when I am tired of everything legal I bounce between Andy Griffith Shows along with Hannah Swenson's Mysteries. 
On a personal note: My grandson won a gold medal in wrestling so he proceeds on to finals.
My granddaughter Cassie will have her wedding reception this weekend on Saturday the 11th from 1-4 at a park. We live in Kansas and the weather is supposed to be 80 and over this Saturday.
My daughter will be here with my grandson Chase (the gold medal winner) so we'll probably have company.
Now on the down side is that my granddaughter Bree will have her tonsils out in a few days. 
I think you are mostly caught up on me. Although I admit to still sending a few Christmas Packages. This will happen for another month then it's the real birthday family-run of things.
Say a prayer for my daughter Amanda and her family as they go thru a tough time. 
I will write reviews when I can but you have to know currently Kate Parker and Jenn McKinlay have my reader heart. Although I really want to read another Christopher Fowler Historical Mystery, I also can't wait to return to my cross stitch projects.
Until later:

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