Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Deadly Scandal

DEADY SCANDAL by Kate Parker:

This is a new series featuring Olivia Denis, the story is set in 1930's London.
Olivia Denis is wife to Reggie Denis who works for the Foreign Office.
It's no secret that Reggie as been murdered, except to those who claim it is a suicide and trying to cover up his murder.

What is worse like all men Reggie did have his secrets. He didn't deserve to die for them.
Olivia wants the murderer found and punished. She finds Ali's in the most unlikely places. 
no doubt there is going to be a war with Hitler, but who are the good guys, who are the spies and what does any of this have to do with Reggie and his murder? Is his murder more personal and by all mean what do books and the seeing a play have to do with his murder?

Soon her apartment is trashed, the police do not seem that interested and men keep showing up on her doorstep trying to offer their services of help. 
Her friends humor her and it's apparent Olivia must have a job or move home with her father. Something she would rather die than do as they do not see eye to eye. She really wants to be independent. So she goes to work as a society reporter for a newspaper. One thing Olivia knows is fashion, women and some of the right people. She goes to teas, cocktail parties, diplomat welcomes, operas, anything to do with fashion.
This is her cover story but she is also on an assignment that is secret and she hopes will help her uncover Reggie's killer.
She travels to Germany and finds people in Germany that have no reason to be there unless of course they are following her every move.
Danger is all around and when she returns home the stakes are raised higher than ever before.
One murder after another puts her a step closer to her goal if she doesn't become another victim.

DEADLY SCANDAL is the best book I have read in 2017 and goes to the top of my list.
This book predates the war and it is fascinating from the fashions to the characters.
I love Olivia Denis and I am a fan of this series.
Kudos go to Kate Parker for writing this book and series. I hope to see that she has won an award for this book and series.
Pamela James 

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