Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review: Tail Wagging Trouble by Leona Fox

Ellen returned to thesmall town of East Pender and is running a local cafe. When George's dog Scampy shows up alone and onsists she follow him home, she finds george dead.  What looks natural leaves a suspicion of foul play in local cop - Andy.  Ellen soon decides to get involved and forms a rather silly plan involving Scampy to find the killer.  

This is a first novel and has the feel of it.  I liked the characters but the mystery was rather simplistic - only one suspect and and badly explained method of murder.  The book really need fleshed out with at least some other suspects.  Then the confrontation with the killer really seemed predictable and a bit boring.

I think this series has potential and I hope the romance develops as well.  I just hope for more involved mysteries going forward.


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