Sunday, March 26, 2017

Blog: Part Three

Good Evening Everyone,
Now for the rest of my life. I am cross stitching on "The Spell Store" as most of you know I love Halloween and Fall.

Since I last mentioned it I've made a couple of trips to our local library. They have a lot of "Father Dowling Mysteries."

I finished reading a week or two ago Eggnog Murder which is a collection of short stories by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and Barbara Ross. This is an excellent Christmas read and because they are a collection of amazing short novella. 

My diabetes has been acting up lately. We put me on Trulicity and the first four weeks were a low dose. It did not do a lot of good. Last week we started on the higher dose and I am having it work better but not great which will make my six-month doctor's visit interesting because I need to have the blood work done this week!
I also need to make an appointment this week and since I need a different BP monitor like I said all of this should be interesting. My appointment needs to be by April ninth. This six-month one kinda snuck up on me. Wish me luck.
The positive side is I have lost some weight.

Moving along I also finished reading "Better Late Than Never." This by Jenn McKinlay." I don't think Jenn McKinlay can write a bad book. She writes more than one series. This is the hat shop series.

I'm not sure what is going on with my mail lately but yesterday I received a Christmas Card from my cousin Sharon that was mailed December 17th 2016, yesterday was March 25th, 2017. To top this off an author sent out a book for me to review and it's somewhere around three weeks late. It hasn't shown up and so now the is sending another copy.
I'm starting to wonder what else I've not received.

Today we finally took our Christmas Tree down, changed a little of the living room around. Our skeleton Scully has been set up for spring.
My daughter (Amanda) texted me this morning. She had questions about what I might want for my 0th birthday. At first, I couldn't think of anything since my birthday is in July and also because you know how it is when someone asks you what you want. Your mind goes blank but I did finally say something and she wanted me to keep going on listing more. I did but it still felt odd. Pretty sure part of it is that number 60 coming into view. I do better with 59 or 61 but the ones that end in zero always seem to be filled with angst. 
Moving along: I'm not sure what we will do for Easter this year. Currently, our family is in a flux everyone is faced with lots of changes and life is difficult for some. 
I probably wouldn't mind curling up with a good book.
I will leave you with the following questions. 
What are you reading?
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Do you have a setting for your cozy mysteries?
Okay, off to create mischief.

May you always have a good book,

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