Sunday, March 26, 2017

Blog: Updates

Good Morning Everyone,
I thought I would start my blog work this morning with some updates.
First, thank you for bearing with me today. We lost our precious human dog PepperElla James, she was a loyal, smart, loving and dedicated to helping us live longer. I lost it a little when she passed away and Frank was worse. our daughter came down and helped distract her father and me. 
Putting one foot in front of the other we have a new dog who has a lot of heart. I will post a picture of her soon but we've been so busy that I haven't sat long enough to do this task.
We adopted her from our no-kill shelter this week. Her name is Miss. Rylee Peabody James. She is a mixed two year old Corgi and Apso Proso York mix.
I'm currently teaching her to fetch a ball, trying to follow commands and the first day after adopting her we went on fourteen or more walks. It's safe to say she loves walks. She also loves car rides. 
We were told that she rode along in the service vans and loved it. Her previous owners took her for car rides and trips.
However she is solely my dog in the fact she won't let Frank walk her unless I'm along if I sit down so does she, she follows me everywhere and I've never been adored this much. 
Frank doesn't know what to think as he's usually the owner this happens to and yes, I'm enjoying all of this attention from her.
I say all of this as to why I haven't blogged much or posted reviews.
This is part one of my updates today.

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