Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Communication is a necessity - Metro

Last night's commute:

Got to transfer station, there were 6 green line trains and 4 yellow trains to the Airport in the 45 minutes I stood there. THEN there was a yellow line Huntington train, so I got on – relieved. Then after another stop, they announced it was being changed to an Airport train. So I would have to go to airport and wait for ANOTHER Huntington train. Now, Huntington trains are supposed to be every 24 minutes during this surge, but obviously they are not. So get to airport and could barely get off the train because the platform was completely full of people. So, even if another Huntington train came I wouldn’t be able to get on it. Probably it would take at least two of them, so at every 24 minutes that would be about an hour and a half. And they already weren’t sticking to the 24 minutes thing. All this time, there were no text alerts, email alerts, website postings or announcements over the speakers.

So, two other women and I shared an uber from the airport to the metro station where our cars were. So MORE money. It was insane and frustrating.

And the real problem was the no communication thing. Why Metro can't just tell people what is going on is beyond me....

I noticed this a lot at a prior job, where people would call and call about their claims and get angrier and angrier because no one was calling them back. The claims rep's response was they were waiting for the insurance company to update them. THAT was true but if they had only just called the person back and told them that it would have gone a LONG way to diffusing all the anger.

It seems obvious to me and I try to live by it myself. I wish others would learn the lesson.

As for metro, it is even more annoying because the new GM swore on better communication. HAH!

So, let's see how tonight's commute goes.... It is going to be a LONG several weeks.


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