Monday, April 10, 2017

TV Review: You the Jury

You the Jury

A new show on Fox friday nights.  I watched the first episode because it seemed like an interesting and yet bizarre concept.  In one hour, they present both sides of a civil case and then the watchers have 4 minutes to vote for or against the plaintiff.  I could not imagine how they could present enough facts etc... for people to make an informed decision.  Well, they really didn't

The first episode was the case of Gary Giardano.  I remembered the case, he went snorkeling with a friend, Robyn, and she was supposedly swept out to sea in Aruba.  He was never charged with anything.  Her sister was suing him for wrongful death.

Her lawyer - Joe Tacopino, his - Jose Baez.  Each case present testimony some of which is just video recordings of people.  The court is full of clapping and cheery or boos when they like or dislike a point.  Really?  talk about not appropriate...

The 'evidence' was a lot of supposition and not a lot of facts as far as I can tell.  Obviously presented in flamboyant ways - this is all about playing on tv.

What astounds me is that people would agree to have their cases settled this way.  The verdicts are binding but how can people make unbiased fair decisions based on a few minutes presentation of dramatic soundbites?

I watched rather like a deer in the headlights and was horrified that they could call this craziness justice.


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