Friday, May 19, 2017

Blog: Shows and Movies

I've been watching many great shows this week.

Tonight I watched the movie of Doc Martin. This movie shows how it all came about and why he left London. I rate this an A.

I also watched the mini-series "Decline and Fall".
This has David Suchet in it and is on acorn. I wanted something with humor and it has humor in spades. It's another A movie.

I watched a Monk Marathon which of course is not only entertaining but I can cross stitch while I listen to and watch this series A rating and with this series I find it helps me while I do a lot of stitching.

I enjoyed Criminal Minds Season Finale and I give it a B this time around.
I loved Criminal Minds "Beyond Borders" and it receives an A as does "Call The Midwife and Elementry."

I have plenty more to share with you but we are having storms so tonight I will close with if you binge watch shows I hope the characters stay with you long after the credits roll.

Happy Viewing,


  1. I am liking the writing on Beyond Borders much more than the regular Criminal Minds this season


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