Monday, July 24, 2017

Review: law and author by Erika Chase

Bob Miller is a retired police chief and while he enjoys his retirement there are days when he wishes life was a little more exciting and when his twenty-one-year-old granddaughter Darla arrives in town and at his door, he views it as a second chance to get to know his granddaughter.

However, she brings trouble in many shapes and sizes. First with a boyfriend, also a stranger is murdered and since he's part of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straw Society the members are not about to let one of their own suffer his burdens alone.
Molly Matthews is not only a member she is a whose big heart and helping hands have come in handy more than once.

Lizzie Turner is dating the police chief of Ashton Corners and Mark Dreyfus doesn't take kindly to law breakers. This time he has to make sure that the investigations are done to the letter of the law.
There seem to be drugs running a muck in town, strangers turning up dead, secrets and lies.

When it turns out Darla is afraid, and her boyfriend has been abusing her Bob has a hard time keeping things within the letter of the law.

law and author (Ashton Cornes Book Club # 5) is an enjoyable mystery that has many twists, turns and Erika Chase knows how to keep readers turning the page.

The whole series is great but this one stands out and shines as one of the best series books I have read this year.


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