Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Blog: A new month

Good Morning Bloggers,
My agenda this month is a very busy one. I still have several books to read and review.
I want to watch several things on Acorn and Netflix. What I have been watching lately is Ozark, Winston Churchill Documentary,  on PBS we are watching "MY Mother and other Strangers."  "George and Author." 
Quilting Seasons on PBS and in August we will be privy to a new season of "Endeavour." I can't wait for this to start as I am a huge fan.

On a personal note, we have a grandson getting married on August 12th so the family will be gathering for that and we will have company.
There is also a full month of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Garage Sale Mysteries are a huge plus.
There are some new books being released in August. A Sue Grafton "Y Is For Yesterday." is one and after coffee, I might think of more.

Okay until next blog,


  1. We have a lot of shows to catch up with too. But ironically, we started watching the new season of House of Cards and just completely lost interest and didn't watch past the second episode. House of Cards is TAME compared to what's going on in real life in the WH right now, so...it's just a depressing reminder and no longer fun!

  2. I just watched Loch Ness on Acorn and really enjoyed it. I liked George and Arthur back when it was originally on. Also, have set the DVR for all the new HMM movies this month.


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