Friday, September 29, 2017

Review: Star Trek Discovery -- the First two episodes

I was very much looking forward to this for so many reasons.  I have always loved Star Trek.  Even DS9 which my brotherly refers to as The Vulcan Chess Match.

Then - Sonequa Martin-Green!  Absolutely loved her as Sasha on The Walking Dead.

After lots of delays -- it has finally made it to watch!

So, the basic story -- Michael Burnham (Green) survived a horrific Klingon attack as a child and was fostered by Sarek of Vulcan - the first human in the Vulcan Science Academy.  Brilliant, and definitely conflicted  trying to balance emotions and logic.  Michael is first officer on the Starship Shenzhou - and along the edges of Federation space they find an alien relic and are quickly in conflict with a bunch of Klingons with religious ideaology wanting to provoke a war with the Federation.  

The cast is stellar and the twists are intriguing.  There is obviously a lot going on that has yet to unfold and I think the ride is going to be fascinating.

The only annoying this is you have to subscribe to CBS' streaming service.  Yet another monthly charge beyond cable, hulu, netflix, Acorn etc....  



  1. Yeah, that IS annoying, the CBS service. But looking forward to the captain we have yet to meet who's supposed to be *kinda crazy*. Be nice to see that kind of emotional deviation in a Starfleet captain!


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