Monday, February 11, 2019

Review: 13 Stolen Girls by Gil Reavill

After an earthquake in LA, Detective Layla Remington finds a large broken barrel with a body inside.  It turns out to be a missing actress and a HUGE missing persons case.  Only she sees connections to other missing girls' cases that none of the powers that be see.  As she investigates, she treads on some powerful toes in the Motion Picture Industry and gets in deeper than she expects.  

The story contains some really vile men based on a deep BDSM subculture where slaves asked to be killed.  Not for those who don't like their books DARK.

The interesting thing about the "Cor" series in this book is that it clearly is a nod to the old Gor books.  Nothing I ever liked, but I had a friend WAY back when (30ish years ago) who LOVED them and she started writing one of her own.  Early fan fiction I guess.I had forgotten all about that until reading this book.

Very suspenseful and interesting.  I really enjoyed it


  1. Yeah, the BDSM subculture: always a mystery in itself to me. Makes me wonder how the author did their research.... :)


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