Monday, January 26, 2009

Review: Guess Who's Coming to Die

Pub date: Febuary 2007
Paperback mystery series

MacLaren Yarbrough (MAC) to her friends has been invited to join the Magnolia Ladies Investment Club. This club is an elite group of snooty women and Mac doesn't understand why they want her to join. Her bank account isn't exactly going to merit eating beans and cornbread five days a week but it certainly doesn't rank up there with the word snooty. Still being a judge and all.....maybe more importantly she can learn about something that might make it worth her time to put up with these women and their chatter about investing their money.
Her first time to the meeting it isn't quite what she was expecting but at least she has company. Her daughter-inlaw (Cindy) is also a new member and full of questions along with her ideals. Things are moving right along when the club president Willena Kenan is found dead in the ladies room. In a not very lady like manner on the bathroom floor and there is a corkscrew stitcking out of her neck. The worst thing is that Mac finds Willena dead and what's more Cindy her daughter-inlaw's car keys are found under the body.
The sheriff has been wanting to pend something on the Yarbrough family for years and now this time he might just be able to acheive his goal if Mac doesn't come up with some other suspects. The good news is the murder happened during the meeting's coffee break and people were coming and going all over the place. Inside and outside so all the members are suspects and more to the point Mac needs to hide her active involvement in another homicide from her husband and his big mouthed bird.
Still when her son Walker finds out that is wife is a homicide suspect he takes matters into his own hands which causes Mac more than a few restless nights. She goes to all the local sources for gossip and facts and then she follows the trail to a few out of the way places. Including a bar in the next town but only fans the flame of gossip.
Finally it's apparent that jealously, family secrets and money might be at the root of this killers agenda. Revenge is always best when served cold and when the hired help starts to loosen their tongues it doesn't take a fork to know that this murder has been well done.
But just like peeling wall paper away one layer at a time...Mac peels away alibis, the lies and uncovers who did the deadly deed of murder to a woman who only wanted to beat to her own drum. It just proves that when in doubt begin with the victim and because southern roots grow deep.
Pamela James
This is a ten star mystery and rush to buy this book....Patricia Sprinkle not only writes a compelling and amusing mystery, her characters are charming and you will want to keep turning the pages not wanting the visit to end. She introduces you to not only the real southern women of the south, but also to a tightly woven plot. Not to mention but I will that her titles are more catchy than any crop of fish and you might want to remember a snack because the food she mentions in each book is to die for. You can't stop and make something to eat because you don't want to miss what's going to happen next and like good southern cooking there is nothing better than a A Thoroughly soutern mystery. **********

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