Friday, January 23, 2009

Review of Red Branch by Morgan Llewelyn

Publisher: William Morrow & Co; 1st edition (February 1989)
ISBN-10: 0688069460
Hardcover: 558 pages

The title of the book refers to the Red Branch, an elite groups of warriors in service to Conor Mac Nessa, King of Ulster. The young boy Setanta, is determined to be a part of this band. He claims his place and becomes their greatest warrior, called Cuchalain, The Hound of Ulster. This is mostly his story and his role in the rivalry between Queen Maeve of Connaugt and Ulster.

This is an epic tale encompassing some of the great celtic legends. But first and foremost it is a tale of warriors and not for the squeamish. Llewelyn really gives the setting power, you feel like you are part of ancient irish tribes and fey forces. A very enjoyable read.
And I swear, the cover looks like a great tarot card!

Review by Terri

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