Thursday, March 19, 2009

Genre: Series Mystery

Hannah Swensen's mother has a Regency Novel soon to be released so of course there must be a book launch party. This has Hannah busy trying to create great Regency Recipes and losing enough pounds to fit into the Regency Dresses Hannah decides it's time for a regular workout routine and she knows just the slave driver. Her sister Andrea so it's no surprise that Hannah is staying away from chocolate and trying to not have a nervous breakdown. Things seem to be shaping up nicely until Hannah finds the one woman she can't stand in all of Lake Eden floating in the health club jacuzzi and along with Ronni Ward, are Hannah's Cream Puffs, to add to the crime it's the other angle of Hannah's love triangle who bought the cream puffs. Her very own Detective Mike Kingston, may have had an affair with Ronni Ward who is deader than Hannah's promise to lay off the sweets.
Norman the other part in the triangle has promised to help Hannah find the killer since Mike can't work this case, and neither can Hannah's brother-inlaw Bill who also knew Ronni Ward and Hannah's other sister Michelle has a boyfriend on the force too and he also must recuse himself from the investigation. They all need Hannah to solve the crime and each person has advice on how the crime should be solved.
Ronni was no angel but she didn't derserve this death and dessert scene. With nothing to lose but pounds and dignity Hannah sets out to solve the crime, one crumb and clue at a time.
With so little time and so many demands she soon learns the meaning of betrayal, secrets, friendship and chocolate. CREAM PUFF MURDER is a delicous treat for anyone who likes sweets, and a bittersweet murder.Joanne Fluke has created the perfect recipe for murder and mayhem. She has also included some wonderful recipes and let's not forget that this culinary crime writer knows her way around a bakery

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