Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too Pretty To Die - REVIEW

Genre: Series Mystery
Publisher: Avon

Instead of 'Tupperware Parties' the rage in Dallas smong the elite society is something called "pretty parties" of course these parties are about gossip and beauty tip but lately it's more about botox injections and staying young. Andy Kendrick despises all this unnatural beauty and attending this party as a favor to her friend Janet should who is a society reporter should have called them even in the friendship favor markers. However coulds, shoulda and woulda's don't apply here because Andy get caught in the crossfire. I don't mean gossip I mean an actual pissed off beauty queen, with a loaded gun and a bad botox job and she is aiming to shoot one Dr. Sonja Madhavi, the woman who wronged her by botching the botox on her face. The face that millions see every night, the face that is scarred for liefe the face that has seen better days and fears better days are behind her.
Andy ,calms down Miranda, take this drunken woman home, she calls her mother from Miranda's place and while Miranda is passed out on the fashionable sofa, Andy tells her mother she is going home and will check on Miranda, in the morning. However Janet, smells a jusicy story and Miranda did mention something about telling all on everyone.
When Miranda is found dead the next morning and Andy realizes she is the only one besides the killer to have seen Miranda alive, she is sick, heartsick since Miranda used to part of Andy's childhood and although they moved in different directions their mother's are the best of friends. Her mother wants the killer found and has taken matters into her own well manicured hands, while not dirtying them one bit she is using her finger to point out to Andy that she expects her to help find the killer.
Janet decides to investigate and there are rumors of sex parties and when Miranda's laptop disappears, Janet decides to use Andy as bait and has her cleaned up, made up and ready for action. I'm not talking street walker as Andy is too high class for that but I am talking all made up to find a killer and with a body to die for Andy only hopes it won't come to kill or be killed.
TOO PRETTY TO DIE by Susan McBride, is not a cinderella story, but is instead a definite must-read. Especially if you have one of those friends who always needs a favor and you're never too sure how far to go to help a friend. Well you might want to read this book instead of a Nancy Drew book because this book will definitely wipe the slate clean on that question.**********
Pamela James Reviewer

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