Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Death By Water Review

Author-Kerry Greenwood
Hardback Series Mystery
Historical Cozy Series

A succession of jewerly thefts on the P&O Cruise among their first class high society passengers calls for drastic measures.Phryne Fisher is their solution to the problem. Suspecting that a passenger is the culprit they need a high soceity detective to go under cover and mingle her way through the suspect list as effortlessly as one would have one cocktail after another.
Phryne takes along her companion Dora who stitches her way through the cruise and has more common sense in her pinky than most of the passengers have jewerly to be stolen. The S.S. Hinemoa is on it's way toNew Zealand and Phryne is wearing the Great Queen of Sapphires (Mabarani) if ever there was a jewel to be stolen it is this one.
Phryne lunches and has dinner with a group of table mates such as erotic photgrapher, jealous husbands and wives, she gossips with jazz musicans but when the cruise takes a choppy turn with a deadly outcome, Phryne, takes her real shot at finding out who finding our thief and the roaring twenties reveal more than than the current dance.

This is one series that is meant to be unconventional, clever and the cunning plot twist are always welcome. This series has more than just mystery it has historical details that move the plot along and stunning characters. Enthralling and perfectly entertaining DEATH BY WATER will keep you anchored in you seat until the last page is read.
Pamela James-reviewer

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