Friday, May 8, 2009

New Mystery Series
(A Bailey Ruth Raeburn Mystery)

Bailey Ruth Raeburn loves to solve mysteries. The fact she is dead and in heaven shouldn't stop her, afterall she can now keep track of the living and the dead. Since Bailey is actually a ghost (not an angel) and when an opening comes up in heaven at the "Good Intentions Office" Bailey Ruth feels she is on the right path and can't wait to get her first assignment.
Bailey Ruth has been assigned to help the pastor's wife in her hometown. Kathleen needs all the help she can get when she finds a corpse on her front porch and knows that everyone will think that her husband did the deadly deed of murder.
With the instruction of Mr. Wiggins (Bailey Ruth's Supervisor ) she soon begins unraveling the clues and is on to solving her first case. Bending the rules is all part of the good intentions part of the plan but never ever break the rules.
One step, one path and one soul at a time Bailey gets to the bottom of the murder.
This mystery series is somewhat a mixture of cozy mystery, inspirational mystery and a touch of a ghost story. Never before have I had such mixed emotions about one of Carolyn's Mysteries and I can't wait to hear the feedback on what others think of the first book in this series. I will have to reread this one to give it a rating. Meanwhile I look forward to your comments and please tell your friends about this new series.

Pamela James


  1. It sounds like this book is a far cry from Carolyn's usual work, but knowing what a great writer she is, I'll give it a try. Thanks for the review!

  2. Pam this does sound like a good book. I'll have to make it to the library soon.


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