Friday, May 8, 2009

Malice - the FIrst Sleuth Off

Sleuth Off:
Audience Decides Who’s the Greatest Sleuth of All
Chris Grabenstein — Moderator
Judy Clemens
Jeffrey Cohen
Vincent O’Neil
Hank Phillippi Ryan

Now this was seriously fun!

Our panelists impersonated sleuths and answered questions about their detecting methods to determine the greatest Sleuth of all.

First up was Sherlock Holmes (Jeff) facing off against Nancy Drew (Hank and her lemon bars).
Sherlock won.

More pairings ensued between Miss Marple (Hank), Philip Marlowe (Jeff), Amelia Peabody (Judy) Hercule Poirot (Vincent) and Nero Wolfe (Vincent). Sleuths were eliminated one by one amidst some gut busting laughs until the final sleuth stood alone. Chris kept them in line (well, somewhat anyway)

And the winner was.....

Sherlock Holmes as played by Jeff Cohen.

This is a tradition I hope will continue!



  1. Sounds like this was fun. Good old Sherlock Holmes. He always wins in the end. :)

  2. Testing to see if I can post comments here yet.

  3. It worked fine Glenda and Mary. I hope you both will stop in again soon.


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