Friday, June 19, 2009

2008 Bram Stoker Awards

Superior Achievement in a NOVEL- DUMA KEY by Stephen King (Scribner)

Superior Achievement in a FIRST NOVEL- THE GENTLING BOX by Lisa Mannetti (Dark Hart Press)

Superior Achievement in LONG FICTION - MIRANDA by John R. Little (Bad Moon Books)

Superior Achievement in SHORT FICTION - THE LOST by SARAH Langan (Cemetery Dance chapbook)

Superior Achievement in an ANTHOLOGY - UNSPEAKABLE HORROR by Vince A. Liaguno and Chad Helder (Dark Scribe Press)

Superior Achievement in a COLLECTION - JUST AFTER SUNSET by Stephen King (Scribner)

Superior Achievement in NONFICTION - A HALLOWE'EN ANTHOLOGY by Lisa Morton (McFarland)

Superior Achievement in POETRY - THE NIGHTMARE COLLECTION by Bruce Boston (Dark Regions Press)

The trophy, which resembles a miniature haunted house, was designed by author Harlan Ellison and sculptor Steven Kirk.

HWA also presented its annual Lifetime Achievement Awards and its Specialty Press Award. F. Paul Wilson and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, who both received Lifetime Achievement Awards this year, were on hand to accept.

The Specialty Press Award went to Larry Roberts of Bloodletting Press.

The Silver Hammer Award, for outstanding service to HWA, was voted by the organization’s board of trustees to Sephera Giron.

The President’s Richard Laymon Service Award was given to John R. Little

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  1. I haven't read any of these yet. To on the TBR list they go...


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