Thursday, June 18, 2009

Review - Dare to Die by Carolyn G Hart

Title: DARE to DIE
Author: Carolyn Hart
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Series Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-06-145303-8

Iris Tilford, returned home to Broward's Rock, to right a wrong. Iris hasn't been able to shed the night many years ago of the death of a friend. The truth is a lot of people would like nothing better than to forget what happened to Joycelyn that night. The week before her death Joycelyn's brother had died of an overdose of drugs. Then Joycelyn they said slipped or maybe took her own life a week latr. But Iris, thinks that somewhere between life and death lies the truth and that she holds the key to what really happened that long ago night.

Iris, has been going to AA and NA and she feels she must make ammends but she also feels that the truth about Joycelyn is more murky
and even if she muddies the waters the truth must be sought.
Annie, meets Iris and befriends this lonely shell of a woman. She instantly likes her and invites her to a party at the pavillion. Iris
accepts and while the party is going on someone murders Iris Tilford. At this point Annie and Max Darling know two things. The
first is that Emma Clyde might be insufferable, suffer writer's block but she didn't end up in a hospital bed by a simple slip and fall.
Emma is too savvy for that kind of behavoir. The second thing they know for sure is that there is a long list of suspects for the murder
of Iris Tilford because she didn't strangle herself.
The worst fear of all is that Annie and Max feel that their circle of friends all have something to hide and that one of them is a cold-
blooded killer. The more they delve into the present the more it becomes clear that they must start with that fatal night many years
ago when Joycelyn died.
However there are lighter moments for Annie as Laurel and Henny take over running the bookstore while tries to make a memorial poster of Iris Tilford's life and find out about the mysterious cloud that Iris returned to the island under, so she and Max start with victims present and past. When someone sets the cabin Max and Annie are staying in on fire, Max's temper rises to inferno status and
if it wasn't for their cat they would both be dead.

DARE TO DIE by Carolyn Hart, is simply captivating. It reels you in from the first page. Each character and plot twist has a pointing finger to whodunnit. This book is classic Hart, it doesn't get any better than this for traditional cozy readers.
Pamela James-Author of The CROSSED STITCHER

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