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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Review - Plum Pudding Murder by Joanne Fluke

Series Mystery
Page Count 303 (include recipes)

This book will be on sale September 29th-09

The Christmas Seasin in Lake Eden, Minnesota, has Hannah and her assistant Lisa, mired down with cookie orders, parties and now murder. Hannah has never had a tree in her home due to Moshie her cat but this year Norman has convinced her it's time for a tree and while at the Christmas Village shopping for a tree for Hannah's niece's room at school, Norman buys her a tree.
Larry Jaegar the owner of the Christmas Village has bought cookies upon cookies from Hannah even special ordering a few different kinds and some Plum Pudding from her as well, but the yuletide season is about to have kick off with one heck of a surprise.
It seems Larry is has been scamming people and even those who invested with him, not to mention he might have forgotten to tell Courtney his fiance that he was already married.
When Hannah and Norman go out late one night to pick up a check from Larry they instead find Larry has been murdered. There are even holes in his big screen televsion. Ho Ho Ho it's murder on Hannah's platter.
Now the next surprise is that Norman's Mother is disappearing, cancelling apointments and has Hannah's mother worried sick about Carrie. Delores enlists the aid of Hannah and soon Hannah discover Carrie's secret.
This only proves you do not need a gift wrapped box with a bow to be surprised during the holiday season.
PLUM PUDDING MURDER by Joanne Fluke, is a delicous mystery that you don't have to wait until Christmas to devour.
Pamela James

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