Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September Plot

Today I want to discuss what type of cozies you like to read in the month of September? I would really love some feedback this week on the topic.
We know that at Christmas most cozies readers like to read Christmas Mysteries (if they have time to read during this month), and September is a transition month celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of our Fall Season.
Do you like to read culinary mysteries during this month? Maybe you like mysteries with a fall setting? Some of the types of mysteries I like to read in September revolve around Hair and fashion so maybe that is why KILLER CUTS by Elaine Viets is currently filling my taste for a makeover this month.

I am sure that my next stop is to the library for a Laura Levine and Ellen Byerum, I also like mysteries that are historical ,which I've taken care of by ordering inter-library loan, Kerry Greenwood's series. Of course this month also covered Bed-n-breakfast mysteries. Mary Daheim is the Queen of the bed-n-breakfast mysteries. I read Vi-agra - Falls and it was pretty hysterical.

To say I've had a splendid reading month is probably an understatement. Now to my original question.....

What type of mysteries do you like to read in September? The reason I added culinary mysteries is that when I think of fall I think of baked apples, pumpkin bread, soups, stews and spice cake.

Maybe I should also ask what is your favorite fall recipe to eat, make or bake?



  1. I find myself heading more toward the classics - Agatha Christie, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Margaret Erskine, Josephine Tey, Patricia Wentworth. I do like the culinary mysteries because of course I have to bulk up to hibernate for the winter with my books so it only follows that I want some more recipes to cook. LOL. Pumpkin scones, Guiness Stew, Corn and Crab chowder are all dancing around in my head for the next cold, rainy, windy days. I'm looking forward to a hot cup of something with a yummy baked good to go with it.

  2. I wanna hang out with Mare. I like hot somethings with baked goods too! Pumpkin bread, snickerdoodle cookies, cinnemon rolls, big pots of chili or vegetable beef stew/soup. Okay now I'm making myself salivate. LOL

  3. During this time of the year,like the rest of the year, I don't graviate to any particular type of cozy. I do enjoy fall ones though, so if I find one that I like a lot, I'm bound to read it.
    Mare, if you invite me over for food and I'm in the neighborhood, then I mostly like will say yes. :)


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