Friday, November 20, 2009

Guest Blogger - Lois Greiman

They say you can judge a person by the company she keeps. I find this interesting (and a little scary) because just last week I told an author friend that I was planning to write a book about werewolves with my daughter. And she said, “Yeah? Is it fiction?”
Ahhh…my people!
Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been enthralled with all things magical. Tolkein was a legend in my world. Ents lived and breathed. Gandalf was my personal hero (Although seriously, if I had known Aragorn was Viggo Mortensen I would have had a poster of HIM instead. Except he didn’t have the great horse: Shadowfax--when I saw him on the big screen I actually started to cry. But I digress…and ramble.)
Annnnyway, back in the dark ages I wrote a trilogy I called the Dragonheart series. It was about a magical amulet that passed amongst three Scottish girls. I desperately wanted a dragon on the cover. But alas, it was later titled ??Highland Brides (sigh) and I was told that if they put a dragon on the front Avon wouldn’t sell a single copy.
Methinks times have changed. These days everything is paranormal, and I’m lovin’ the weird stuff. We have witches, faeries, demons, and elves. Not to mention vampires up the wazoo. To me fantasy is the ultimate fiction. The farthest reaches of our imagination. Love it, love it, love it. But…when my twenty year old daughter suggested that we write a paranormal novel together, I played it cool. “A paranormal, you say.” (This is me looking wise. Maybe stroking my chin.) “You and I? I don’t know I’m a little too busy to be spending time playing make believe WITH MY FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD!!”
As you can imagine I was all over this idea. I eat, sleep, and ruminate this idea. So, hold your communal breath for me, please, and hope we can get this brainstorm off the ground.
Until then I have my latest series for your reading pleasure. The Witches of Mayfair series been tons of magical fun for me. Under Your Spell and Seduced By Your Spell are already out there. The final book, Charming the Devil, will be released in February. They’re about a coven of government witches in 19th century London. Just serving up a little Regency weird stuff. Hope you enjoy.


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