Friday, November 13, 2009

November is Here!

It's fall and the leaves are falling faster from the trees than a Nascar can reach the finish line. It's ther pefect time to feel warm and cozy, and it's the perfect time to read.
This fall I have read some very great book a cat book by Leann Sweeney, a wonderful book by JB Stanley, and the list goes on and on but today let's talk about what books are on your Christmas Wishlist.
Mine are Merry, Merry Murder by Carolyn Hart, all the books by Christopher Fowler (his perculiar crimes series), the latest Carola Dunn Mystery, the last two Emily Brightwell Mrs. Jefferies Mysteries, Cubbed To Death by Elaine Viets, the latest Lisa Scottoline Legal Thriller, most of the books in the Alpine Series by Mary Daheim, plus I'm really trying hard to think of everyone and I'm sure I missed some great authors.
How do you keep track of your wishlist?
I know I discovered a new author recently Barbara Allen I have her Christmas Mystery that I stumbled on and love it.
Okay for this month this is all I have to say except HAPPY THANKSGIVING one and all.

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  1. I do enjoy a good cat mystery so I will need to look that one up after the holidays. I tried to look up your 4 books in our online library system and unfortunately they do not have them.


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