Thursday, February 4, 2010

Email addicts unite!

Are you an email addict? I know I am and I think there should be a support group for all of us who are. I remember when I didn't have email and I got so much more done. My house looked better, I felt better and life did seem to be simpler. Now days when my computer crashes I have a meltdown, when email is sluggish I think "Was it something I said?" When I CAN get on email and everything goes smoothly then I can do other things (even cross stitch) but if email is down so it seems am I.

Am I the only one with this affliction? Watching movies or television isn't even the same. The only thing that gets me through no mail is reading because I read mysteries someone else is always has a worse day than I do and it's true - misery does love company. 

However what I really love is knowing that others come through their misery to a brighter spot. Last year I had a lot of misery when I went through email withdrawal several times as three computer bit the dust. I'm living proof you can live through no email but it isn't pretty. 

Since it's February and my computer is working and the weather isn't working for me I want to hear if you're an email addict and do you have to make yourself do other things? 



  1. I am addicted to many things - and email is definitely one of them.


  2. I am an email addict. I didn't think that I was until I read your blog. Sigh. I guess if it's reading in my world, it's all good. LOL

  3. See how it creeps up on you! LOLOL and I do think it's all about the reading. Readers and author just have to know....what we are missing! I know curiosity killed the cat oh that reminds me I need to order another Blaize Clement mystery.....LOL and Leann Sweeney's cat mystery gosh you never know when the computer will go down! LOL


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