Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Greetings!

January was a busy and productive month for me.  With interesting things going on.  The monthly Sisters in Crime lunch had Hank Phillippi Ryan as the guest speaker and it was a great talk (as well as good to see Hank again).  She brought a tv piece she had done and it was great to see her "in action".  Then a few days later Mystery Writers of America dinner had Peter Earnest as the speaker (long time CIA spy and CEO of the International Spy Museum - which is an awesome place to visit).  He even shared his "James Bond" moment with us.  Then we had a special book club meeting for the Crime Museum -- our book last month was Sniper by Sari Horowitz and Michael Ruane.  That brought a lot of memories back.  Anyway, one of the Investigators from the Montgomery County Police Dept -- Mitch Cunningham, came and spoke with us.  Telling us of the investigation.  Its false leads, huge amounts of tips, near misses, and final conclusion.  With crime scene photos, like how the raid went down when they captured them.  He was a great speaker and it was fascinating.

Another great thing about January was how much I read.  Feel like I am more myself now that I am reading more again. 

So now it's February.  Ushered in with yet more snow.  This winter is worse than the last several years.  And boy are people whining all over the place.  I am not there yet, but give me time. They say more snow Friday (a lot) and then again on Tuesday.  This is after last night's 4-5 inches.

For such a short month, February always seems so long.  And it is an interesting time.  We always have valentine's day which will lead to some drama in the circle of people I know.  Mardis Gras (which my friend Eryn always does full force), One three day weekend (never mind THOSE), my brother's birthday (all set with his presents - just need to mail them). 

But what I hope for this month is actually a lot of peace and quiet.  Feeling the need to hibernate.  Of course my to do list is endless...

We'll see how it goes.  And I hope that those who love the weather are enjoying it and that those who don't are avoiding it as much as possible!

Meanwhile, I have about 6 books going at the moment from cozy, to Zombies, to true crime so I will continue on my reading roll while it lasts.

6 more weeks of winter to go - hope to use it well!




  1. What a wonderfully calming blog to read. I'm sorry about your snow. A co-worker and I were just discussing the fact that you may very well have had as much if not more snow than we've had here in nw CT. Enjoy your hibernation and your reading.

  2. I had a GREAT time! It was wonderful, and terrific to see you. We just didn't get enough quality time time, okay?

    xoxo thanks so much


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