Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review: Blood Ballad by Rett MacPherson




Hardback Mystery Series

A Torie O'Shea Mystery

Genealogist Torrie O'Shea lives in New Kassell, Missouri and her two teenage daughters are making life difficult. What's worse than two arguing teens under the same roof who call themselves sisters in loose terms is a town nemisis who get paired up with Torie for an overnight bird watching trip in the woods. The worst of it is that someone is shooting at them, then they see someone dump a trunk off of a cliff. Of course there is a body and who would want to muder a shoe salesman?

Life is more interesting when Torrie learns that her grandfather might have written some music he never received money or credit for and then there is a few decades cold case that mingles with Torrie's family and the Scott Morgan musical family.

When Torrie's home office is broken into and it is learned that Torrie's own family tree might have been involved in a murder she decides to snoop into the present and past murder because she believes there is a connection.

Nobody messes with Torrie's family tree she may think her family is eccentric and she may think her family has certain issues but by golly it will not go down in her family history that murder is in any family branch.

It's Christmas time for Torrie and her family which also means Christmas Shopping, homemade presents and one or two depresse family members. Torrie loves her family but trying to fit in solving a murder, feuding children, a horse that is left in her pasture and nobody is claiming, a nemsis who says Torrie owes her a new camera and a depressed step-father who happens to be the mayor of New Kassell is having Torrie singing Falala while searching for the truth. Despite it all she thinks she knows where a woman who disappeared a long long time ago is buried.

Meanwhile Torrie's husband is having other issues to deal with on the home front and could use a little help. This doesn't include all the family activities and her mother's views on Torrie being shot at in the woods.

BLOOD BALLAD is very well written, the plot was cunning and the motives for murder were intriguing, her characters were real and I have to say this ending not only fooled me but actually impressed me. I rushed to this book every chance I got to see what was going to happen next and I wasn't disappointed.

The Blood Ballad by Rett MacPherson is by far one of best mysteries to spend your money on and I find the whole series very down to earth.

Pamela James **********

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