Monday, March 8, 2010

Academy Awards

I don't like to be negative about the Academy Awards but the 82 Annual Awards left me feeling a little empty. I grew up watching the awards and loved all the glitz and glamour. This year not so much it was like the whole atmosphere of the event was a little too low key. Most were on and off the stage in record time. The jokes fell to deaf ears and really Steve Martin, Alec Balwin and Ben Stiller tried they really did (I feel Ben almost had them in his clutches) but honestly even George Clooney didn't crack a smile for most of the evening.
I was thrilled for Sandra Bullock and loved her dress, I was happy a woman director got the award for "Best Director" but on the whole I was left wondering whatever happened to really GREAT movies? To be honest I would loved to have seen Meryl Streep get the award for Julia and Julie because that would have been something to hang on to I do NOT need a social commentary on war or proverty or football for the Oscar night. It left me craving movies by Katherine Hepburn or Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart, and so many others.
To be a little more up to date Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington and so many more.
Oprah gave a moving speech to the actress of Precious but I still would not care to see the movie. See I THOUGHT the Academy Awards Movies was to entertain the public. I want to see moving, fun thought provoking movies. I want to be entertained (I mean the price of a movie ticket alone should account for this much) I mean if you can turn on the news and see the exact same thing why go to the movies just watch the news. We all know the world is in trouble, we all know there is war and hunger and Cinderella Stories on every level. However when I go to the movies I want to escape into a fictional world whether it be love, mystery, sci-fi, horror relationships, holiday movies. Much like when I read a mystery or a romance I want to belong to that story.
There were parts of the show last night that dazzled me like the dancers and it was moving to remember the actors we lost in 2009. I just wish they would bring back MOVIES and that my friends is my take on the 82 Annual Awards.



  1. Didn't watch the awards show. Glad now I didn't. Gotta disagree on Precious though - I have wanted to see that since it came out. Looks really good. Yet they did nominate Up in the Air (romantic comedy) and Avatar - pure fx fantasy so they are all not message movies. The thing is I want BOTH quality message movies occasionally and QUALITY entertaining movies. The thing is the academy seems to prefer the prior.

    I remember Bette David criticizing movies as too much method acting. She says that when the audience knew the actors were acting they could enjoy it more. Maybe that is part of it.


  2. I agree with Bette Davis and while not all movies nominated were of a social commentary I still felt that last night left a lot to be desired. I will say one thing for the Hurt Locker they had no budget and they never dreamed they would get an Academy Award let alone AWARDS so that made me know that the underdog does sometimes get noticed in the scheme of things.

  3. That happened last year (?) with Slumdog Millionare. I liked that movie but didnt think it was all of that...

  4. I thought that Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin were funny. They had me laughing out loud a few times, but not the audience. The problem is that we're not all technical experts, I think and maybe we can't appreciate the extraordinary sound mixing and videography, and like you Pamela, I need a movie that will take me away from the sadness of the world today. I won't see Precious or Hurt Locker, but I will see Avatar and Up in the Air, and Julie and Julia. I have to agree with you, I want more of those kinds of movies. Frankly, Carey Grant, Kate Hepburn and Jimmie Stewart are still regular parts of my movie watching pleasure, however often I've seen their work.

  5. I know they are a part of my movie watching and I love Myrna Low and Willam Powell. There just seems to be too few really well made MOVIES anymore. I want to see more Diane Keaton Movies, Julia Roberts Movies, Goldie Hawn Movies, Meryl Streep Movies, Sally Field Movies, Karol Kane and so many more on the men front how about James Brolin, Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck, Peirce Bronson, Gene Wilder, Tom Hanks, and so many more. I really have no actor complaints just what passes for movie complaints. LOL


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