Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Everything is Fodder

As readers and authors everything we do have learn is fodder for the imagination. So today my question is.....
What jobs have you had and would any of them make a good book series. I'll list mine and then I want to hear what you have to say on the topic nad hopefully you will list yours.
Mine are:
Cocktail Waitress
Worked in a Daycare
Dietary Aide
Clerk for a Hallmark Shop
Nurses Aide at a hospital and at a nursing home
Sold vacum cleaners door to door
Worked as receptionist and telemarketer for photography studio
Worked as a secretary for an elderly highrise apartment complex
Worked at our local library (started as a page, then ran the front desk, then did research and information specialist and finally did adult programing bringing authors to the library for booksignings, guest lectures, I ordered adult books for the library, filled in on interlibrary loan and summer reading programs, also helped with friends of the library)
Worked for pizza hut
worked in a used bookstore
worked in a wood craft shop
sold Avon
Sold Tupperware
book reviewer (at one time I actually got paid for some of these)
Interviewer for authors
Volunteered at Woman's Crisis Shelter
Briefly worked for birthright
Receptionist for beauty shop
Okay mine were in no particular order.......
Also hobbies included reading, ceramics, oil painting, researching history, baking, cross stitch, emboridery, crocheting (when in high school) drama writing poetry, and stamp collecting.


  1. Well not a series - but a short story - worked for MTV for a day getting ready for a BIG party and it was HELL! LOL

    Crisis Hotline, Training Center for the Mentally Retarded, Reading for the Blind, State Psychiatric Hospital all have possibilities.

    Receptionist as well -- I think that is a good one - they are treated so bad.

    Telemarketing - Ugh.

    Insurance Agency - more possibilities....

  2. Oh, my, are you ready?
    walked horses at a racetrack
    clothing clerk
    cocktail waitress
    telephone marketer
    sold auto parts out of a step van
    bank teller
    sales clerk
    used book store clerk
    resales for condo association
    golf course billing
    secretary in a car dealership
    temp agency bookkeeper
    ice cream shop
    newspaper typist
    real estate secretary
    circ clerk
    a/v tech
    They were all interesting in their own way.


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