Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Review - Aunt DImity Takes a Holiday

Mystery series
Page count 282
ISBN" 0-7862-5119-0
 It was bound to happen sooner or later but it happened with this particular book. I found Lori Sheperd very annoying in this book. I'll explain at the end of the review:

Lori Shepherd's husband Bill is summoned to the country estate of the Earl of Elstyn and sine the Earl is Lori's is Derek's father and the father-inlaw of her Emma, (lori's beloved friends) and more important since Emma asks Lori to accompany her to the estate because she has a bad feeling about Derek and his  estranged father, Lori finds herself packing her bags. Especially since her husband wants her to accompany him.
The day they arrive the find the fire department on their heels as someone has caught the hedge on fire. Then Lori meets the rest of the family and soon learns there is good reason for Emma to worry, not only about Derek but also his cousin Simon. Simon is getting poison pen notes and Lori finds herself turning to Aunt Dimity for help. Bill is far too busy taking meeting after meeting far into the night and early in the morning to take much notice of anything.
The game of cat and killer are afoot but not before there are accidents and many suspects.
I found AUNT DIMITY TAKES A HOLIDAY to be a bit tiresome as Lori jumps to a conclusion about her husband and the lady lawyer who is as cold as ice. I also found Lori to be not as strong of a character as she has been in past and future books. Over all the plot wasn't bad but some of the characters left me somewhat wanting.
I ive this book ****** stars out of ten.

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