Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Interview with Cross Stitcher Betty from AZ

Betty when did you first learn to cross stitch? Tell us what speciality stitches you know how to do and describe the different speciality stitches.
I learned to cross stitch back in 1979 when I was pregnant with my first child.  I can do the Double Cross Stitch, the Rhodes Stitch, the Tent Stitch, I don't do French Knots though.  I usually use beads.
I also know several Needlepoint stitches - the Continental Stitch, the Long Stitch, the Double Hungarian, the Mosaic Stitch, the Parisian Stitch, Giant Knitting Stitch, the Byzantine Stitch, the Hungarian Ground Stitch, the T-Stitch, the Pavillion Diamonds Stitch, the Kalem Knitting Stitch, the Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch, the Alternating Wheat Stitch, the Diagonal Double Cross Stitch, the Diagonal Hungarian Ground Stitch, the Nobuko Stitch, & the Diamond Ray Stitch.  Sorry that is quite alot of different stitches.

What is your favorite fabric to use and where do you usually buy your fabric?
I love Lugana, Joblan, & Cashel Linen.  I buy my fabric at my LNS - The Busy Needle in Tucson AZ, which is where I happen to work.

What types of floss are your favorite types and tell us what are your favorite patterns and themes that you like to stitch?
I love DMC, Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colours, The Caron Collection, Threadworx, & Rainbow Gallery Threads.    I love Snowmen (I am a sucker for CM Designs snowmen), Teddybears (especially Tatty Teddys), country motifs, Beach or Flipflops, Fall or Thanksgiving.

Do you do charity stitching and if so which causes do you stitch for and why are they dear to your heart?
I have not done any charity stitching as of yet.  I would like to some day.

Do you rotate projects or stay with one project until completion?
I rotate my projects.  I usually have at least 3 - 4 projects going at the same time.  Same with the Needlepoint.

What is your favorite project or picture that you have stitched?
I have several favorites but if I have to choose just one it would have to be the Degrazia Hanukkah piece.  It is a Sundance designs piece.  It was for a friend whose father was the painter Ted Degrazia's Medical Dr.  She grew up knowing him.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I love Paula Vaughn, Stoney Creek, CM Designs, Sekas & Co.

Do you model stitch and if so can you tell us who ?
The only model stitching that I have done is for my LNS.  I have done Little House Needlearts, & Hinzeit charts.

Why do you love to cross stitch and for you what are the rewards of cross stitch?
I love stitching because for me it is relaxing & helps me wind down at the end of the day.  The reward I had is when I stitched a piece for a friend & they loved it so much that they cried because they couldn't believe that I  took the time to make them something.  It touches your heart.

Now for the really fun questions: What is your favorite dessert, meal, movie, book, song, place to visit?
My favorite dessert is homemade brownies, favorite meal is fried chicken breast, greenbeans, corn on the cob & mashed potatoes. My favorite movie is (oh my so many to choose from) Fiddler On The Roof,  my favorite book is the Holy Bible, my favorite song is Classical Gas, & my favorite place to visit is Hawaii.

Do you go to trunk shows, stitching retreats (if so which ones), stitch ins or gather at your local stitch shop to cross stitch with other stitchers on a regular basis?
Since I work at my LNS I go to trunk shows all the time. LOL!!!!  I have never been to a stitching retreat but look forward to when I can go.  I don't join in with other stitchers for our open stitching because I am usually working at the time.

When you are not stitching what are your favorite ways to spend your time?
I read, watch TV.

What keeps you motivated to cross stitch project after project?
What keeps me motivated is all the new projects that keep coming out & the list of people to stitch for keeps growing too. 

In closing what has been your most challenging project?
My most challenging project was the Thomas Kinkade that I stitched for my DIL.  It was one that I was not enjoying stitching as I really don't like kits. It was supposed to be a wedding gift but ended up being a 5th Anniversary gift.  LOL!!!!! 

Betty, Thank you so much for granting me this interview.


  1. Betty what great stitching you do and I love clear and concise the pictures showed here. Terri thank you for posting them.
    Betty your stitching is amazing and thank you for sharing your love of cross stitch with us.

  2. You do lovely, lovely work.

  3. love the flip flops/beach Betty. I love stitching those too.
    YOur stitching is beautiful.

  4. I enjoyed reading the interview and loved your work.Your projects are so beautiful.

  5. Wonderful Betty in AZ! Good to read someone I know from my yahoo groups. Beautiful work and such a nice lady.

  6. You do beautiful and very fun stitching. I do believe you may know more stitches then me. :) I also love to cross stitch. Let me know if you want to trade patterns some time. (i love those snowman patterns you did. Especially the one with the hula skirt on. I lived in Hawaii for three years.)

  7. Betty,
    Your stitching is beautiful and I loved reading your interview and visiting your posted sites. :)

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