Monday, June 7, 2010

Are You a Listmaker?


Okay this may be a form of OCD but I am a prolific listmaker. Heck I make a list to buy more listmakers. The thing is if I didn't make a list I would never accomplish anything as it's too easy to forget most of what I do, but I might be overdoing it a bit.
Do you make a list and if so what types of things do you put on your list?
Here is an example of what mine can consist of and I do cross through the list as I accomplish eac project.

1. Stop by the library and pick up holds.
2. Make the bed
3. Wash my hair
4. Laundry
5. Don't forget to peel the potatoes to add to the roast for supper (do't forget to put the roast in the crockpot)
6. Water the outdoor plants
8. Put netflix movie out in the mailbox for postman to pick up
9. Write two reviews
10. Find some authors to interview
11. Call my mother
12. Call my sister
13. Shave legs
14. Clean bathroom
15. Bag and take out the trash
16. Sweep the floor
17. Mop the floor
18. Plan weekly meal menu but be open for suggestions
19. Clean office
20. Return library books
This is my to-do list for this week. There are people who say being an author is glamours and I'll try to remember that as I am cleaning the bathtub this week.
Tell us about your to-do list and I hope it is more exciting than mine. I left off grocery shopping because hubby loves to do that and why deprive him when I need to write and he can spend hours at the grocery store or several of them looking for just the right bargin.

Have a wonderful day...


  1. My lists tend to be more work related. But my problem is if I make a list it often sits in my purse or otherwise gets lost or buried and is therefore not useful.

    I LOVE outlooks reminders that just pop-up when I need them. A very useful tool.

    BUT sometimes a list is most useful to me as a tool to PRIORITIZE tasks.


  2. Not a list maker. Gets me in trouble, too. But, I did add a free app to my iphone for a grocery list. That's where non-list making REALLY gets me in trouble!

  3. I'm not a list maker per se, but I will make notes to remind myself.

  4. I'm a list maker. I make lists for work and for around the house when I really need to get things done. I used to make a list of lists. Yes I meant to say that. I start the whole process out making a list of all the lists I need to make. That was a long time ago and I wish I'd get back into that habit because I find without a proper list I walk around aimlessly and waste a lot of time. Oh okay I still waste a lot of time but not nearly as much and like Pam I cross things off the list as I get things accomplished. Crossing things off and seeing the results are instant gratification and reinforcement to keep going. In fact as a life long procrastinator lists are the only thing that keeps me going.

  5. Oh my you do have a list problem. I won't forget to wash my hair. It goes along with the morning routine. I do make list, a list of items I need to finish projects I have started. If I am planning a party then I have a list for that.


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