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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review - Death by Pantyhose

Author: Laura Levine
Mystery Series
ISBN: 10-0-7582-0786-7

Jaine Austen needs something in her bank account because business is once again slow. So when Dorcas MacKenzie calls and wants Jaine write a new round of comedy jokes for her Jaine accepts the challenge even though she has never written jokes before.
Dorcas is a stand up comedian at the Laff Palace and routine usually ends with her throwing pantyhose at the audience. Dorcas doesn't bring many laughs from the crowd and she mostly considered a joke by her fellow comics but there is one comic who is hardest on Dorcas and that is Vic who is gorgeous to look at and gets all the laughs. He has a woman he is going to marry but that doesn't stop Vic from having a girlfriend and sleeping around with any other woman.
Jaine goes to see the act that Dorcas is already doing and meet everyone who is anyone and some who are not where Dorcas works. The night wears on and Vic announces that he is going to be going with another agent, that he is marrying the new agent and that Dorcas stinks with her act (nothing new for Vic to say) but this time when Dorcas hears his intentions he get back jumps on his back and beats the crap out of him.
Late that night Vic is found murdered and Dorcas is arrested for the murder because the murder is by strangulation and of course it's a pair of Dorcas' pantyhose that did the deed.
Dorcas needs help and Jaine needs a paycheck so with her only client in jail Jaine takes the case. The little thing that trip up an investigation are things like Vic and Dorcas used to be married. The current girlfriend has an alibi so does the next soon to be wife and even the agent couldn't have done it. Dorcas' attorney is Opie and still lives at home his degree is newer than Jaine's underwear and so the hunt begins for a killer with more motive than Dorcas. Oh by the way Dorcas went to see Vic the night he died at his home.
This case is not a piece of cake but it is a laugh and a half as Jaine tries to have a love life and dress for success without a bad hair day and cat clawed pantyhose.
DEATH BY PANTYHOSE by Laura Levine is one of the best anti-depressants a woman can read. Jaine Austen may not be a trad-tional P.I. but she gets the job done and this is a really fun laugh out-loud mystery sure to please even those who don't wear pantyhose.
Pamela James

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  1. I LOATHE Pantyhose. They feel horrid against my skin and the trend towards bare legs is one I jumped on in the beginning. Last year I wore them once - when we had a big muckety muck come in. Other than that -ick. So go Prozac go - claw those suckers all up and I will be a big fan. LOL