Monday, June 21, 2010

A Birthday Interview with Terri

Terri, over the last decade has your taste in reading changed and if so tell us about it?

Not that seems too noticeable.  I have always read a large variety of genres.  But I am loving all the urban fantasy and yes - vamps that are out now.  I love magic and it is a lot of fun to explore these fun worlds that are being created.  But that said, like any “big” market trend, there are lot of so-so ones coming out so I have to weed my way through to find the ones I really enjoy.

Have you seen a change in book publishing and in the world of fiction what are some of the books and series that grab your attention?

Of course there are a lot more e-books now than ever.  And I have to say that though I do read them if they aren’t available in paper, they are not my favorite.  For two reasons -- the trend towards self-publishing isn’t bad in and of itself.  But many are MUCH weaker on proper editing which gets on my nerves.  I don’t mind a little mistake but blatant inaccuracies drive me crazy.  I remember reading one vamp book where it was supposed to be set in Victorian days but then goes on to describe big powdered wigs.  Ugh.  Do a little research please….  and I still don’t find reading on a computer or PDA or whatever as pleasant on the eyes.  I like that there are more opportunities for authors to get out there but I am still biased to mass market paperbacks.

When traveling how many books do you take with you?

Depends on the length of the trip.  for a weekend trip - at least two so I can have options,  nothing worse than being stuck with a book and not in the mood for it.  For a longer trip - probably 3 or four.  I LIKE switching back and forth between genres.  AND if I finish one I tend to leave it wherever I am at to pass it on to someone who finds it and can enjoy it AND so I don’t have to pack it back to carry it home.

Okay we also know you love to cross stitch and you love NASCAR so do you cross stitching while watching the races at home? How many NASCAR races have you attended in person?

Yes. that is a good time for me.  Because I can watch the race but if I am not concentrating intently (because I am stitching) I don’t keep getting lost like I do when watching a movie or tv or something.  I truly am easily distractible.  Maybe it is the Gemini/air sign thing…  I have been to two.  The last WINSTON CUP All-Star race and one in KS when I came to visit you a couple years ago (thanks for letting me borrow your husband for the day - BTW LOL).  I really want to get to Richmond and Bristol if I can.

Now for some really fun questions: Terri what is your favorite food, place/s to travel, have you ever reread certain books and what are some of your favorite desserts?

Food -- Indian.  I just love Murg Saag and Dal Mahkani.  Healthy and tasty..  Mexican and Italian are the next runners up.  And Ethiopian -- learning to cook it too.  On the other hand, a nice pot roast or mac & cheese are comfort foods for me.  Desserts - cherry pie, a great cannoli or chocolate mousse are all good.  I believe that eating is one of the most pleasurable things we can do and I like to savor different tastes.  But that said, I don’t think I would ever try bat on a stick like my friend Gregg did in the peace corps.

And as for reading - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series is one of my favorite re-reads.  Also enjoy Stephen King and Mary Daheim and Carolyn Hart as re-reads.  And some favorites from my younger days that I love and have read multiple times and likely will again are You are the Rain by R Rozanne Knudson, The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig, The Ghost Next Door -  Wiley Folk St. John, All the Little House Books and Nancy Drew of course….

What are some of your comfort reads?

I have to say I honestly don’t know.  I mean I just pickup different books with different moods.  I guess it depends more on WHAT I am looking for - distraction, a laugh, fluff where I don’t have to think, a mental puzzle, catharsis?  Each one of those feelings would lead to a different sort of comfort.  Sorry - but it shows how varied reading is to me.

You are involved in a lot of activities and groups tell us about some of them?

Hmmmm.  I do Renaissance festivals and faerie festivals in the area.  Am a member of the true crime book club at the National Crime and Punishment museum.  A member of sisters in crime.  A member of the International Club of DC (many embassy functions with them, also an Indian cooking class and museum tours).  Do lock-ins at the local stitch shop and at least one or two stitching retreats a year (NOLA, Tulsa and Mystic are some of the places I have gone).  Used to do a lot of herbalism and essential oils, but got away from that as well.

Tell us about the conferences and conventions you like to attend?

I have gone to Malice Domestic the last 5 years or so.  I used to attend SF cons and want to get back into that.  Went to Recon this year (celebrating renaissance and faeries).  Been to pagan conferences and local PowWows over the years.  There are also so many fun things to do.

Let's talk about where you live and work the advantages and disadvantages?
I love this area. Mostly because it is such a great mixing pot and has so many things to do at all times.  Heck, The Smithsonian museums could keep me occupied for weeks non-stop if I had the time - and they are FREE.  The variety of food is exciting as well. And I do love food….  There also great parks in the area to walk and visit.  And sometimes they have special night walks or flower walks.

As for disadvantages.  The cost of living definitely.  After the subway fares and parking go up on the 1st I will be paying almost $13/DAY to go to/from work.    And traffic is pretty bad too.  Yet you go a little ways in one direction or another and you can go from busting city to quiet farms, from the mountains to the beaches.

I know you have met hundreds of readers and authors but are there a few you go to lunch with or are close friends with and tell us about some of the places you've travelled to see readers and authors?

Mostly I meet them here at Malice or signings.  DC is such a big hub many hit it.  And I have been lucky to meet some (and their families) for lunch or whatnot while they have been in town.  And other readers from online groups as well.  And when I went to NOLA, I met Barbara Colley and her sweet hubby for beignets and coffee at CafĂ© du Monde.  Gonna try and do that again when I go again later this summer.  I love meeting people in person and putting faces to names and so on.  And so many of the authors I have met are really fun and interesting.  I would say too that I was lucky to meet my favorite author (Harlan Ellison) in person years ago when he launched his Dream Corridor comic.  Was one of the ones in front of line and he came out early and we got to talk a bit. 

What book was your hardest reading challenge in the past decade?

Maybe just balancing things so I had the time to read.  During the whole flood/renovation etc… period I couldn’t concentrate - could only stare blankly at tv or what not.  And when I don’t read I get cranky.  It is noticeable.  I need it to relax and de-stress.

In closing leave us with a quote that tells us a little something about you?

 Don’t Dream It -- Be It!  - Richard O’Brien Rocky Horror Picture Show


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  2. I sure dont know but I would LOVE to have one. Languages are not my best thing. Though I did get by on my German all those years ago in Germany. Sign language is long gone from lack of use....


  3. Terri I took six books with me on vacation and read one. SHOES TO DIE FOR by Laura Levine. LOL I loved your interview very enlightening and you are a very interesting person who does interesting things, meets interesting people and I hope you blog more often!


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