Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My daughter surprised me last Saturday night with an all expense paid vacation (basically a road trip) this was fun but I packed in a hurry so when we got to the hotel I didn't have MY shampoo or conditioner. We were heading south with the final destination being New Orleans, I have natural curly hair and my certain shampoos and conditioners etc.. are the only thing that doesn't make me look well like the way we used to wear our hair in th 70's when you had curly hair. LOLOL needless to say until I could remember (memory being the operative word here) to stop and buy my brand BAD HAIR DAY took on a new form with me. Houston was great I love the Fine Arts Museum it was really worth the trip there and the bad hair day. It had been years since I had a Whataburger so that was exciting to me. LOLOL I know all you southerners laugh it's okay.
We stayed with my daughter Amanda in Lake Charles and I got to see my new grandbaby Cade is adorable. Also my grandaughter Karley is into hats so I loved it when she wore her purple boa, her pink cowgirl boots, and her black hat with the purple feathers. She is six it was adorable. Then my grandson MJ entertained me quite a bit with his explanations of things. I think he loves to use words he hasn't used before so I learned some things. LOLOLOL
On to New Orleans okay so my favorite meal there was eating at the VooDoo Rest in the garden district I mean the menu alone was great. There was The Grave Digger Platter, The Voodoo Platter, One Foot In The Grave, The Coffin Plate, The Dead But Not Gone Dish etc....but the thrill for me is that they had WHITE CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING my lucky day for this was a TO DIE FOR DESSERT......We stayed across the street from Emrile's Rest and we were going to eat there but just never got around to it as Melissa fell in love with the houses and gardens in the district and Chase my grandson fell in love with the pool!
The French Quarter is the place for any writer/author to be loaded with people watching fun, good scents and I listened to a lot of conversations. I watched the river boats and relaxed in that area then we shopped and the wax museum was great for my grandson to learn a lot about the history etc...
It was a great trip and we had a lot of adventures some really awesome others not so much.
Now Arkansas that was an adventure of a different kind as we saw a Hillbilly Biker Gathering (that is what they called themselves) I didn't make it up and we saw signs like stop for squirrel crossing, coon bridge will freeze in cold weather etc...we were in the hills of Arkansas anyway we ate at a Sonic in Arkansas. We also saw the boothill of Missouri but one of the cities I really loved was Springfield Missouri as they had a Starbuck at their local Barnes & Noble that was still open at 10:00 for my daughter to get coffee ( this was a must) every other Starbucks was closed. So 90 minutes of searching resulted in her listening to me and finding a B&N to get her Starbucks Coffee. I KNOW these things because I hang out with readers and authors who KNOW where the coffee and teas are located. LOLOLOLOL
Anyway after much discussion and changing of minds I am back home in the flatlands of Kansas and you will probably hear more about the trip over the next few weks as things come to me. I left melissa's in kind of a hurry last night because Travis had book her a surprise rafting trip for this weekend and I didn't want anybody to make a speical trip to take me home or pick me up so far we know I have left at her house.
My body wash
A pair of shorts
My digital camera
Two Tank tops
one bra
A few grocery items
My body sponge
My new jazz Coffee Mug
Two other Coffee Cups
Some make up
I think so far that is it but I thought I came home lighter than I left. Also I DID remember my Wolfgnag Puck Coffee from New Orleans. LOLOLOL

Let the good times roll!


  1. I am sooo looking forward to New Orleans next month!

    Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez


  2. Pamela what a wonderful time you had. Family and New Orleans who could ask for a better trip.

  3. What a fun, spontaneous trip with a wonderful variety of destinations! I am glad you got to spend time with your daughters and grandkids! Laissez les bons temps roulez! :)

  4. What a great trip. Sad about the coffee cup, but good about the coffee.


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