Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Okay I freely admit it I am a blog addict. I love spending time every morning reading a few favorite blogs. It doesn't matter if the floor needs swept because I don't look down. It doesn't matter what I look like sitting at my computer laughing or spewing my coffee (there are some very funny authors who blog), because when I am reading a blog I get to escape into other bloggers reality or fictional world. It feels good and I don't have to turn on the television set and click channels to find something entertaining to keep me interested. 
Bloggers are my friends and true I mostly read author blogs but have been known to read other blogs.  I won't lie there are some days like the weekend that the weather channel can keep me amused but most mornings it's blogs that I look forward to especially this blog because I love to read the replies and we have a counter to keep track of how many visitors we get and YES I am addicted to checking the counter.
I have a life and I am an author I have family, friends and good books to keep me company. I have hobbies and a husband I definitely love my dog but what keeps me sane and ready to face each day are the blogs that I read. So bloggers keep up the good work. A couple I read are The Lipstick Chronicles, Cozy Chicks Blog, Margaritas and Mayhem, and The Writer's Plot. After that I might sweep the floor and look in the mirror. Right now I am especially interested in one of the blogs because the authors have set up where their characters are blogging and I wished I had thought of that idea because it's a good one. It's a way to get to know the character better and it's a way to know if you are going to like a series before you buy the book. I can see this idea catching on swiftly with other bloggers and I say brilliant idea.
Terri and I strive to be different we not only interview and guest author bloggers but instead also have quilters, cross stitchers, reviwers and a whole host of other bloggers. Our topics very and we NEVER want you to be bored when reading our blog. After all I know how important it is NOT to be bored first thing in the morning.



  1. And feel free to offer suggestions of topics you might enjoy....

  2. Well I noticed a few mistakes near the end. I should have FINISHED my coffee before writing it very should be vary and review is spelled review not reviw SIGH I shall chant the rest of the day spell check is my friend-spell check is my friend.

  3. I discovered your fun blog. Nice job!

    You might find that a tad more white space makes blog entries easier to read. Extra spaces between paragraphs is what I mean.

    I almost always go back and correct my blog entries right after I post and reread them. :)

  4. I do enjoy reading this blog.

  5. Recently discovered your blog and it is FUN!
    No coffee, no letters because the fingers don't work (or maybe the laptop needs the coffee?). Sometimes without coffee I read what I typed and it's worse than my handwriting!

    Giggles and Guns


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