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Friday, June 4, 2010

Guest Blogger - Dorothy Howell


            When I was assigned this topic to write about this month, it made me think of the one question I – and probably all authors – are always asked: Where do you get your story ideas?
It’s a legitimate question.  I believe that everyone, regardless of their calling in life, is interested in the creative process. 
I’ve often wondered where song writers get their ideas.  Do they hear a tune playing in their head?  Do they draw from a painful or happy life experience?
How about sculptors and painters?  What moves them to conceive, then create a work of art?
My story ideas have come to me in many different ways.  Before writing the Haley Randolph mystery series, I wrote historical romance novels.  Each book was a stand alone, requiring different characters for every novel.  Unlike a series, there was nothing to build on.  Every novel grew from nothing but a small idea.
I got the idea for THE LAST BRIDE IN TEXAS when I served as an adult tutor in a Los Angeles literacy program.  THE HEART OF A HERO came to me waking up from a nap and with the vision of a rugged cowboy wearing a pink apron in my mind.  The idea for MAGGIE AND THE LAW came from my interest in archeology. 

Of course, coming up with the idea for a book is only the beginning of the writing process.  The hard part is developing that idea into a fully fleshed out story with the right setting, internal and external conflict, likeable characters, villains, and a story arc that will keep readers interested for 300-plus pages. 
I got the idea HANDBAGS AND HOMICIDE, my first mystery, from my daughter, a college student working part-time in a department store.  Writing a series is more of a challenge because every story contains many of the same characters, yet must be fresh and different. 
So, can a picture bring a mystery idea to life?  Definitely! 
Everything starts with an idea.  Where do you get the ideas for the things that are important in your life?

Happy Reading!
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  1. What you say makes perfect sense to me. Quite a few of my crochet/knit ideas come from pictures I've seen and feel the need to change. I've added Handbags and Homicide to my list of books I must get.