Friday, June 11, 2010

A Night in Sri Lanka

Last night I went to a reception at the Sri Lankan Ambassador's residence with friends.  We saw highlights of the country's history, beaches, wildlife and forests.  Looks like a beautiful place. The things I would most like to visit are the elephant orphanage and the tea factory (Ceylon is after all some of the best teas in the world).

We had great food - curried lentils, rice, chicken, an unusual sweet eggplant dish, some deep fried fish patties.  Lots of spice and wonderful flavors.  My personal favorite was String Hopper Biryani.(rice noodles with coconut and peppers)

And after dinner we were treated at sunset in the garden to some traditional dances.  A very lovely evening.



  1. What a great evening you had! The String Hopper Biryani doesn't sound like something I'd care for but lots of dishes I think I wouldn't care for end up surprising me and I do. I'm always willing to try new dishes!

  2. The fish patties and the string hopper sound wonderful to me. I love Ceylon Teas and I have to add you attend the most interesting events.

  3. An elephant orphanage? I thought they took care of each other. That would be something to see! And, being a tea lover, I'm very jealous you're there.


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