Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Topics


Today I want to ask what blog topics keep you returning to the blogs you like to read? Terri and I try to shake our blogs up a bit with various authors, interviews and a variety of topics.
Some of my favorite blog topics are when I feel like I know the author's characters better and I add them to my to-buy list of books. I love the cross stitchers interviews but we have had to cut the pictures back to just two pictures as it take an awful lot of Terri's time to post the pictures.
Other blog topics I like are the blogs about classic authors and how to blogs especially those that contain recipes. Here is what I want to know more about:
Jewerly Design
FBI Agents and their different branches
Hot Air Balloon Rides
Art and artist
Fortune Cookies (Yes I'm serious)
Different contests for authors
The Victorian Era
Flight School
There are many more topics so I ask what are some of your favorite blog topics and what topics would you like to learn about or see more of and is there something you always wanted to do but were afraid to actually accomplish the task?

Just some topics for thoughts today



  1. I almost wished you hadn't blogged on blogs today. I hadn't thought about the options out there for topics and now I fear it will become another reason I need more hours in my day. LOL. If I could just move the work thing.

  2. I agree with Mare on this! They all sounded interesting - even the ones I know something about (hot air balloon ride) Oooh.

    It's hard to figure out what draws me to a blog - but today your topic just yanked me right in!

  3. So MJ tell me about your expeirence with hot air balloon rides? LOL

  4. I've really enjoyed your post where the authors also cross stitch. I like hearing the authors tips on what they do when writing too. I have to say, I eat fortune cookies. They are yummy. As for the fortune itself, well I think there should be a disclaimer on them. :P


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