Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Monday

Another Monday:

Mondays are usually hectic for me and this one is no exception. We are letting a friend stay with us until she gets back on her feet which means moving furniture, cleaning and basically it's taking a large block of time esepcailly considering we go back to Kansas City this weekend. To add to all of this I am writing two books by November, have to move my mom the end of the month and have a family barbeque. We also have my neice's wedding August 7th and family will be in for the wedding. I also have reviews due and need to update the interviews (anyone want an interview)? I might add that I really need to be stitching (this is to keep my sanity) but most of all I will try to keep blogs coming as as this blog is my lifeline and so are the other blogs that I continue to read.
Here's hoping to nobody discontinuing my brand or flavors of coffee over the next few month this could have a domino effect on my sanity!
I really thought the last half of the summer would be mild and non drama in nature.  I still hope to keep the drama down oh but if anyone knows any children's books editors please let me know as my niece is looking for a place to send her children's book. Also she has written a teen book so that would be a plus for her too and I said I'd ask around. The thing is she doesn't have illuistrations to go with the children's book. Nobody we know can sketch or draw well enough to do them.
On a good note my office is done so now it's back to writing. I love the way it turned out and I pretty much have a place for everything. I did find myself wishing I was back in New Orleans yesterday. Such a fun and laid back atmosphere. Right now the most I can hope for us that calagon takes me away with a good book in my hand.
Has your summer turned out slightly different than what you thought it would become and if so tell us about it?
At least I get to go to CC & Company this Saturday and pick up my cross stitch pattern. It's a Halloween one called Sociable Scarecrow, it was hanging in CC & Companies shop and I fell in love with it.
Until later....
The Kansas Tornado!


  1. Yup, my summer plans changed, or rather stalled. I'm STILL not done with my livingroom and not likely to be until fall, I have to finish staining and polyurethaning and it's too humid.

    Sounds like you have your hands full and I'll pray to the coffee fairies to make sure that you always have your morning brew.

  2. Yes, I thought my summer would be slightly busy taking my DD to one class, and ended up finding out that it was much more busier than thatf, etc. I'm finding my days are taken up already through the end of the month and will have most of my resting time next month.


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