Friday, July 9, 2010

An Interview with Cross Stitch Designer - Cathryn from Blueladie Designs

Today we would like to welcome Cathryn of Blueladie Designs to our blog!  Please check out her site and see her wonderful designs! 

When did you first learn to cross stitch? Tell us what specialty stitches you know how to do and describe the different specialty stitches.

I don’t know very many specialty stitches and tend to choose my projects for their simplicity.  However, I do not avoid French knots.  I use them frequently.

What is your favorite fabric to use and where do you usually buy your fabric?

My favorite fabric is evenweave, especially Jobelan or Lugana.  I also use some aida and linen.  I usually try to find deals on fabric from some of the groups I belong to, otherwise having no Local Needlework Shop (LHN) I use 123 Stitch my favorite Online Needlework Shop (ONS).

What types of floss are your favorite types and tell us what are your favorite patterns and themes that you like to stitch?

My absolute favorite is DMS, otherwise I like overdyeds like Six Strand Sweets (hard to find now) and Crescent Colors.

Do you do charity stitching and if so which causes do you stitch for and why are they dear to your heart?

No, I don’t do charity stitching.  I find it hard to stitch when I have a pressure of a deadline.  Must be a mental block.

Do you rotate projects or stay with one project until completion?

I rotate 3 or 4 or more projects to keep myself from getting bored and/or frustrated.  When I find myself lagging in progress on one project, I switch to another or start a new one.

What is your favorite project or picture that you have stitched?

My favorite project is “Merry Christmas” by Jeremiah Junction.  I loved this piece because it was like stitching so very many miniature pieces and you could watch them get done frequently.  Also this was the first piece I noticed that you could actually stitch a plaid.

A close second is Prairie Schooler’s Christmas Village.  I really LOVE that piece.  Watching the buildings and the sleighs come alive was so intriguing.  PS’s use of unusual colors is surprising and some of the buildings, especially the church, had a very rich look.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Some of my favorite designers are (in no special order) SanMan Originals, Little House Needleworks, Prairie Schooler, Just Nan, Drawn Thread, Blue Ribbon Designs.

Do you model stitch and if so can you tell us who?

No, I have never model stitched (except for myself when I first started designing and I found that tedious because of the ‘deadlines’).

Why do you love to cross stitch and for you what are the rewards of cross stitch?

I love cross stitching because it is a very soothing activity.  Also firmly believe in “idle hands are a devil’s workshop”.  My aunt used to quote that to me.  I find the only way I can watch TV is if I am stitching.  Otherwise, I become restless and get up and down a lot.  I guess I have to be ‘doing’ something.

Now for the really fun questions: What is your favorite dessert, meal, movie, book, song, place to visit?

My favorite dessert is cheesecake. 
My favorite meal is any kind of seafood. 
My favorite movie is Pretty Woman (the ultimate fairy tale). 
My favorite book is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  I can’t even count how many times I have read it.  Although a close second favorite is Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher.  I was so sorry when that book ended.  I also love, love, love “The Cat Who…” mysteries. 
I love country music and my favorite changes frequently.  Right now it is “Lover, Lover” by Jerrod Niemann.  It’s fairly new.  It’s not the lyrics on this one, but the rhythm and the voice harmony that attracts me. 
I love to visit home.  For me that is Michigan where I was born and raised (I now reside in Kentucky).  I love The Great Lakes.  I miss being around the water a lot.

Do you go to trunk shows, stitching retreats (if so which ones), stitch ins or gather at your local stitch shop to cross stitch with other stitchers on a regular basis?

I wish!!!  It’s been a dream of mine to host one (stitch in and/or retreat), but now I doubt that it will be possible because of disabilities and not being capable of doing as much as I used to. 

When you are not stitching what are your favorite ways to spend your time?

I love to work on my computer.  I design cross stitch and work frequently on that.  When I’m not designing, I love catching up with the groups I belong to and blogs I follow.

What keeps you motivated to cross stitch project after project?

I’d be lost without cross stitching.  It’s as much a part of me as the color of my eyes and hair.  I cross stitch.  Sometimes I have a slow period.  If I do, I start a new project to excite me and add it to my rotation. 

In closing what has been your most challenging project?

My most challenging project one which I am still working on is “Common Ground” by Just Nan.  There are frequent color changes and it’s a complicated chart to follow.  Perhaps it is me and not the chart that’s the problem (smiling here).


  1. I so enjoyed your interview.We have no lns either.123 is the fastest delivery place I've ever ordered from.I hope you have a good day and your works are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  2. Your projects are lovely.

  3. Cathryn is such an ultimate stitcher...All her work is gorgeous, never disapointing to any one's eye...I love her interview...She's such a sweet person, and it's nice knowing more about her...I love her "Such is Life", does anyone know who the designer is? hugs, Skye

  4. Skye, the designer is SanMan Originals. I purchased it a very long time ago. The buttons were included. :) hugs, Cathryn

  5. Beautiful work, love to stitch myself but need to change my glasses prescription again so can "see" my pattern and the cloth to stitch on without getting eyestrain and giving myself a headache...

    Thanks for sharing ladies, love to stop by these posts every once in a while.

    jackie b :)


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