Monday, July 26, 2010

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Are We Having Fun Yet?

It's hot and sticky and my mom'a central air is coming through murky. Frank is out searching for boxes and I am packing for her move with the boxes we brought with with us. Mother is sitting on the sofa watching her favorite shows, drinking iced tea and telling me to be careful with her Angel Collection. I oblige and am very careful with her angel collection, I finish packing her angels go to the kitchen and start packing up her dishes (that she won't be using this week) mom comes in for a coffee refill and says....
"Now don't pack anything I'll use this week." She leaves the room and I pack the dishes etc.....
I go to the linen closet to pack up the linen mom comes in and says "What are you doing?" I remind her that she is moving in a week and I have to pack up her things she says "Oh that's right well don't pack anything I'll use." 
And so it goes all day long......but the thing is by the end of the day she it was a toss up on which one of us should needed looked after because yesterday morning I get up and realize that packed all of her teaspoons and had to send Frank out to buy her plastic spoons. So even though my mom's memory is gone she still remembered to remind me not to pack anything she would use and being the child I am I packed up her silverware. I guess my mother still knows best!

Happy Monday Everyone and be sure you know where your silverware is!!!! Hey at least I didn't pack all of her coffee mugs.


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  1. I have lived this scene. It's a lot more entertaining when it's happening to someone else.
    Sorry. I know this is not going to be an easy week for you. Take care and breathe deeply and often -- don't forget.


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