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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maury Chaykin dead at 61

Maury Chaykin Dead At 61:

I'm a Nero Wolfe Fan which means I am a fan of Rex Stout the author of the Nero Wolfe Mysteries. Years ago A&E aired the Nero Wolfe Mysteries and while I had a small crush on Timothy Hutton my bigger crush might have been on Maury Chaykin who played Nero Wolfe.
From the first episode I was hooked I not only wanted to live in the brownstone I wanted the Orichids the good food and secretly wanted to change Nero's opinion of women. He really disdained the crying ones.
Fritz was my ideal man a man who can cook and cook gourmet and Fritz knew how to keep his mouth shut yet made such wonderful breakfast and other meals that all you wanted to do was open your mouth. I often thought through the years that if Nero really wanted a confession he should have Fritz cook for killer because I was sure the food was good enough to get a confession.
Archie is smart witty, charming and most of all self assured. Nero completely more introverted I mean the man really hated to leave the brownstone and seldom did unless it was to flee for his life, maybe for an orchid and sometimes for a visit to his favorite chef, but he dressed every day in a very percise way the big man sitting behind the desk.
I feel there will never be another Nero Wolfe who can fill Maury Chaykin's shoes because when I see Nero I see Maury and much like David Suchet in the role of Poirot there can be only one.
I hope Maury rests in peace and I will be netflixing Nero Wolfe Mysteries and of course this means that I will be rereading Rex Stout Mysteries (as soon as I am caught up on book reviews) Sixty One is too young for such talent to pass away. I think in the back of my mind I hoped for a reunion movie or something just so I could see the old cast again. I know Timothy is in Leverage and Lily is on Covert Affairs and goes the cast but I always hoped for a reunion movie of one last case.
My wish won't be granted but I can hope that Netflix will at least ease the pain of losing "The Great Man" A few days ago someone from one of my reading groups asked "If you could be inside an author's head who passed away which author would it be?" I never answered that question but I will now...
"It would be Rex Stout" I hope in the afterlife I might be able to sit down with Rex and ask him what he thinks of Maury's performance as Nero Wolfe. I hope he agrees with me that no other actor could be in that role except Maury Chaykin. Both men were brilliant and dedicated to our our world of mystery and mayhem.

This is just another reminder to never take life for granted as death is a mystery to us all.



  1. I'm with you...I thought Maury played an amazing part and I still have that crush on "Archie" aka Timothy Hutton, then again, I adored his dad Jim Hutton who played the "Ellery Queen" mysteries...He will be great missed, an actor who truly could act...Thank you Pamela for a great tribute!!

  2. Well put, I completely agree.

  3. Lovely tribute. There will never be another Nero Wolfe.