Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review: Shoes to DIe For

Author: LAURA LEVINE (A Jaine Austen Mystery)
Genre: Mystery Series
ISBN: 0-7582-0782-4
Pages: 256
Jaine doesn't want to go shopping but her neighbor Lance thinks she needs a new look. He is trying to get her to lose the the elastic waistband look so when she goes shopping at Passions Boutique and happens to hear all the staff gossip. It seems that Frenchie the coworker to Becky is not a popular person. If Frenchie is not sleeping with someone's husband or boyfriend, then she is making fun of customers and thinks she is God's gift to the designer world.
While at the boutique Jaine is offered a job writing the magazine ads for the store. Jaine may not think much of most of the staff but it sure beats writing ads for 'Toliet Masters' her claim to fame she can seem to flush.
Lance is proud of Jaine and she is feeling pretty good about herself minus the fact that her daddy thinks he is an actor and her mother gets a part in the same play to which her father did not get the lead.
Other than her parents she is feeling pretty snazzy in about landing this assignment but when she arrives at Passions to pitch her ideas to the store's owner she finds Frenchie has been stabbed in the neck with one of her own stilettos. When sweet peaches and cream Becky is arrested and becomes the main murder suspect Jaine and asks Jaine to find Frenchie's killer then Jaine pulls on her waistbands and muddles her way through suspects. At the top of the suspect list is Becky's boyfriend, Frenchie's husband and the real owner of Passions to whom Frenchie was blackmailing.
Jaine may wear all the fashion no no's but she knows a how to fit the shoe to the criminal. 
SHOES TO DIE FOR is perfect for anyone who loves to shop for and wear shoes. if you have parent who drive you crazy you have to read this book for the emails alone and if that isn't enough Prosac the cat has a few moments that will make you laugh outloud and you will no be able to guess whodunnit this time. 
There is even an author or two to round out the cast. In this book there is never a dull moment for Jaine and don't get me started about how her best friend Kandi signs them up for speed dating and Jaine gets stuck with garbage collector on the trash boat trip from hell and how he says he'll call her (maybe), after he dates all of the rest of the women on his list. Sure she will be waiting by the phone like Prozac will not be circling her bucket of chicken.
Okay I admit I laughed a lot with the emails from her parents to her and I laughed at the bad hairdo and the dates were so bad that I started to imagine strangling Kandi until I read her Mr. Wrong story.
All in all this book was one of the funniest books in the series. I have to hand it to Laura Levine she knows how to entertain her readers.
Pamela James

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