Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Retro Day

Retro Day:

I sifted through my Netflix lists today and noticed that a lot of detective shows. You see I miss the old series like Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Perry Mason, Mike Hammer, Simon & Simon, Nancy Drew and so many more....

Hart To Hart was one of my favorites as was Moonlighting it seemed that no matter what type of detective shows you watched back in the day they always had a certain charm to them or at least a lot of personality.

What shows do you miss, maybe The Mod Squad or Mission Impossible? I think this is one reason why Netflix is so popular it gives the viewer what they want to watch and it's all comerical free.

As I watch some of these shows I can relive the styles of the day and remember what I used to wear back in the day. Whether it was jackets with shoulder pads, big hair or tyedyed T Shirts and bell bottoms it all seemed to give me more personality than the styles I wear today. Well maybe not the shoulder pad days so much but you get my meaning because the shows we watched back then and the clothes we wore meant something and in some way or another maybe made a statement.

I mean Cagney and Lacey opened a whole new line of thinking for me as did The Mod Squad and all detective drama aside for that matter THAT GIRL meant something to me. I'm not exactly talking role models but more about being free to be who you are and enjoying the excitement of the unknown.

It is no surprise I became a mystery author because I have always enjoyed the excitement of the unknown road. I don't want to die and regret the road not taken but instead embrace all the roads I can walk, run or ride along in let alone drive and well if I get lost I can always retrace my steps.

I thinking watching the retro show gives me a sense of excitement and energy to embrace today and not fear tomorrow. Those were uncertains times and again today we live in uncertain times and certainly within the publishing and television industry the times of today are changing and our readers are changing with those times. This seems to make cozies and other comfort reads popular and safe for us as we face enough reality with the news. It also makes retro television as important today as it was yesterday.

I draw from the strength of yesterday to get through today. It works for me.....



  1. I liked Moonlighting a lot til they slept together and it went downhill. And Charlie's angels - the CLOTHES! LOL


  2. I miss Father Dowling, Barnaby Jones, and Jake & the Fat Man. Now I'm off to Netflix. LOL.

  3. What a wonderful thing netflix is.....

  4. What a fantastic walk down memory lane. I loved so many of these shows, especially Hart to Hart. Wouldn't you like to have your very own "Max"?

  5. 77 Sunset Strip (for those of us who remember that far back). Mike Hammer. Police Woman. Barnaby Jones. The Streets of San Francisco. My all time favorite cop show: Hill Street Blues.

    And that great British import: The Avengers (the Emma Peel years).


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