Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review - Dying for a Clue







Jennifer Marsh is a mystery writer who decides it is time to have some investigative experience. She teams up with Private investigator Johnny Zeeman and her first follow along is a doozy. They to help a college studen Diane Robbins find out who her real birth family is but before they can obtain the information from a nurse at fertility clinic they are set up, shot at and they don't miss Johnny, but Jennifer escapes by dumpster diving. The nurse is not so lucky and since Johnny is in the hospital it's up to Jennifer to find out why a college student is the target of murder.

If this isn't enough Diane Robbins is now Jennifer's roomate that is they are both Sam (Jennifer's boyfriend) roommates and let's not forget that this includes Valerie Diane's roomate from the college dorm.

If trashed dorm rooms aren't enough to scare Jennifer then the mother of Diane causes a few heart throbbing moments not to mention Johnny's antics as he tries to help Jennifer and Sam uncover the truth about the fact that Diane's birthday parents are dead by murder suicide.

Nothing is what it seems and while all roads lead back to the fertility clinc they know Diane had real parents so what the clinic has to do with Diane being adopted is anybody's guess. One thing is for sure whatever happened that fateful day between Diane's real parent Jennifer knows Diane is lucky to be alive. She just hopes the answers to the questions Diane has doesn't get them all killed.

Jennifer's writing group is also hot on the trail to help solve the murder but when April goes into labor all theories stop because giving birth takes priority over murder any day of the week.

DYING FOR A CLUE is not only a lot of fun to read but it makes me wish for a writer's group of women to bond with and the plot has several surprises in store for the mystery readers.

I hope Judy Fiizwater will return to writing this series someday because we all need inspiration and we already knew writing can be murder but it's so much fun to read this series it's almost criminal.

Pamela *********

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