Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If you could....


If you could have a drink with a few of your favorite authors and the purpose was for you to ask the authors a few questions....

What questions would you like to ask some of your authors?

I would love to ask Sue Grafton where she got her ida for the book U Is For Undertow what a great story and backstory.

I would ask Mary Daheim if she intends to send Judith and Renie on any future trips together?

I would ask Jeff Cohen if he has any advice for beginning mystery authors?

I would ask Laura Levine how she keeps her sense of humor?

Of course I would ask Joanne Fluke if Hannah is EVER going to pick a new man, Norman or Mike and ask if she would please do it sooner rather than later?

I would ask Jonnie Jacobs if she would please return to writing cozy mysteries as I MISS her books?

I would ask Jill Churchill if she is ever going to write another mystery?

Okay readers and bloggers it's your turn you may have deeper more meaningful questions to ask but those are the questions I would like to have answered before I die......LOLOL




  1. I would like more from Jonnie too!


  2. I think you've covered all the important stuff. LOL

  3. Yup, I'm with you on Jonnie. I think, rather than ask questions I'd just like to have a drink and chat, you know, girl talk. Wouldn't that be a riot.


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