Monday, August 23, 2010

NASCAR - The Bristol Bump or Bristol Bore?

Every year I look forward to the Bristol races, esp. the night race.  This year I knew it was coming and hoping for the best.  But I was not excited.  This year's races have been snoozers.  In fact I spent an hour of the race not watching it on the phone in the other room with my brother discussing just that.

NASCAR knows attendance and viewing is down and they are trying to figure out what to do about it.  They are exploring changing the chase format among other things.  But they are missing the obvious.  The races are snoozers.

They started this season saying they would let the drivers police themselves and go abck to more old style races. That sure hasn't happened.  Round and round the track they go.  No bumping, no pushing, nothing exciting.  All season pretty much.  We dont want the drivers to be nice.  or gentlemen.  We want aggression and hard driving.  Where there really is action and questions as to who will win.

Which gets me back to Bristol.  usually the site of some great rough driving.  Spectacular finishes. Temper tantrums (throwing heat sheilds, cursing cars as they come around after an incident, hitting the ambulance are some that come to mind). 

Its sad when you are half hypnotized watching the endless circles and a flat tire scrape with the wall jogs you back to the here and now.

I wonder what old time drivers think of the current racing.  I cant imagine Dale Earnahardt playing nice and settling for this.

Racing isnt entertainng anymore.  I no longer look forward to the races, or even watch more than bits of them anymore.  Its sad.  I know many others who feel the same.  And ratings and numbers show its not just us.

Wake up NASCAR, we want RACING back!


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