Friday, August 20, 2010

For Those Who Cross Stitch:

For Those Who Cross Stitch:

Have you ever thought about taking a few of your favorite recipes or a recipe that has been handed down and maybe stitching the recipe then frame it and hanging it up to be passed on later to family or friends?

I think I might try this in 2011 for a recipe that I like to make then if it turns out I might do one or two others. It would also be a way of perserving the recipe and not always have to look up the recipe in a recipe box or a cook book.

I also think that some of the opening lines to my favorite mysteries would make a cute sampler (of course I'll list the title of the book and the author) but I can see me stitching something like this for my office as some openers hook you right in and so I think this might be a fun project.

I have other cross stitch ideas for 2011 but I'm blogging about this one today because I'd like to ask all of our cross stitchers if they have ever thought of some unique ideas and then implemented them? How did it turn out and were you pleased?

Okay that's all until Monday as I am going to enjoy my weekend and read, stitch, read stitch.....




  1. I probably would never do a recipes because just too much lettering/backstitching. LOL

    Over time I have come up with great concepts for projects and actually written some down. But follow through? Not yet....


  2. No, on the recipes, but yes I have designed at least one saying for my husband. He was working in the military at the time, so I took a saying, that he made up and stitched it out for him and gave it to him as a present. He kept it in his office for a while. -It's now sitting in the bedroom. I think it turned out great even though there wasn't a lot of things in the picture other than words and a border.- I do like your idea of stitching things from a book you wrote, or cover, but I have never gotten around to it. - I like the idea of designing more cross stitch things, but haven't done that lately. -Once though, a designer gal, that I no longer remember the name of, but may have stored, gave the cross stitch group, that I belonged to at the time, a design, and told the group to pick their own colors for a contest... I am not sure who was the winner, but we had a lot of fun trying it. I ended up giving my picture to a friend after completing it. I am sure I'll have more ideas whether I am cross stitching, or quilting, or doing some other craft, that I'll want to redesign something....

  3. I'm not a cross stitcher but I think the recipe idea sounds cool. I would want to do some of my mom-in-law's old Polish recipes...the ones no one can make like she does.

  4. Pamela: I think the recipie idea souds cool. I just might try it when I retire. Although I really don't have any recipies that have been passed down except my DH family iced tea.

  5. Great idea. I am soooooo not talented enough for that.

  6. I do cross stitch and love small projects but the part that I do not like is the Backstitching so recipes for me are not happening, sounds neat though and would look awesome if you have the patience to do it!

    I have a blog award for you at Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories

    jackie ^_^


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